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    We can allocate a separate space, delimited
    depending on demand and customer need.

Logistics and storage

Pankarpathia has started the logistics business in 2011. Currently, we provide logistics/storage services via 3 warehouses with a total surface of approx. 16,500 sq m, distributed as follows:

  • Bucharest
  • Craiova
  • Oradea, rail terminal available as well

Technology is an important element in all the operational aspects. The inventory is managed with an integrated WMS (Warehouse Management System). The system is optimizing the warehouse activity, establish the storing solution (block locations, racks), warehouse space organization, picking solution, input/output process flow. Each transaction is recorded using scanners, providing real-time stock management.

The warehouse is equipped with racks. The cargo handling is performed with forklifts with a capacity ranging from 1,5 t to 3,5 t and up to a maximum height of 8.5 m.

The main services offered are: warehousing, cross-docking, transshipment, order picking, labeling, packing and documents management.

depozit 01depozit 02depozit 03

We have the possibility to allocate a separate location in the warehouse, depending on the customers’ requests for the handled goods.