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    Pankarpathia provides national distribution
    for general purpose merchendises operating throughout Romania.


Pankarpathia offers domestic distribution services for general cargo goods, performed within Romania from our 3 regional warehouses: Bucharest, Craiova, Oradea supported by the trucks fleet.

The orders management is done using an integrated informatics system, adjusted to customers needs, which is further integrated with the Warehouse Management System (WMS) and the Transportation Informatics System.

We offer our customers access to a web interface for orders placing. Distribution coordinators are confirming the orders and plan the loadings and deliveries. The stock availability confirmations are generated also via this web interface.

We mention some of our strengths in domestic distribution:

  • real time information of shipment status
  • strictly respecting the terms and conditions of delivery
  • flexibility according to customer needs

Pankarpathia always keeps you connected with the status of your shipment!

The access to a web interface facilitates the ordering process, so that the distribution operators can confirm the order in the best possible time and plan the orders for loading and delivery.

All the confirmation regarding the availability of the shipment can be handled from the web interface for additional efficiency.